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Who is Chris King?

Chris is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with degrees in both math and geography. Since 2018, Chris has ran the trivia company Palmetto Trivia out of Columbia, SC. Chris has published four books of crossword puzzles (available on Amazon), and he is a question contributor for the BBC quiz show “Only Connect”. Chris was also the creator of the food trivia blog “Five Course Trivia”. In essence, Chris loves writing questions, and needs more outlets for all the questions he writes.

Who is this for?

Chris wrote all the questions in this newsletter specifically because he didn’t know them, or he wanted to write a question that would help make some info stick. If the questions seem hard, they are! But realizing you have gaps is the quickest way to close them. This newsletter is for anyone who realizes that you have blindspots in your knowledge, and you’d like to be made aware that you have blindspots. The questions in this newsletter are important things to know, and I’d love for people to find out these important things. And hopefully these questions are presented in a way you’ll enjoy learning about new things and will want to learn more about them.

Anyone can subscribe, and I hope everyone at least subscribes to the twice-a-week question blast. If you are the type of person who has bought a trivia book for yourself online, have an Anki app on your phone, have played the World Quizzing Championship set, was impressed your teammate got a hard Online Quiz League question right, talk trash in a WhatsApp group to folks in your Private Rundle, or can name your favorite Chasers (British, American, and Australian), this newsletter is for you.

And of course, if you want to take another step into being “good at trivia”, this newsletter is a fantastic way to do it. It’s a fun journey.

Loaded Questions is unrelated to any other property with the same name, and this newsletter is independent of any similarly named brand or company. If there are any copyright issues with the content or name of this newsletter, please first contact Chris King to resolve the issue.

In 2021, I almost got sued because of a photo of chicken fingers I used in a 2016 post on “Five Course Trivia”, so this is track covering.

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